Here is a list of resources for researching party and candidates.  This will be expanded as new information becomes available.


RMIT Fact Check

What are they saying in the news? Is it true, or is there more to it?

“You can’t ‘waste’ your vote”

Australian voting system explained

Every party from the 2018 federal election

A good description of the political party landscape.

Australian Electoral Commission

There is a lot of freely available information on the AEC website.

The Disclosure Bot

Monitoring the private interests of politicians and alerting us to gifts that they receive.

Burn the Register

Burn the Register aims to solve the lack of searchability of disclosures. The ABC and the Guardian Australia have embarked on a huge transcription project of pecuniary interest registers into a searchable archive.

Democracy for Sale

Democracy for Sale is a way to investigate donations to Australia’s major political parties.

Love me Tender

A match-making service for government agencies and suppliers. Explore contracts data from AusTender.

They Vote For You

A database of parliamentary member voting history – search by postcode for your local member’s profile.

Open Australia Foundation

A set of open source research tools for Australian politics.

Open Australia

What’s happening in Parliament right now.


A searchable parliamentary expenses database

Right to Know

Freedom of Information request resource


Government public phone and address directory.


Many of these handy references were sourced from The Guardian.